Freddy Nock in a few words.

Freddy Nock is a worldwide exceptional talent. No skyscraper, no mountain and no lake is safe from him.

For the extreme artist is fact: The Sky is the Limit. This is proven by his countless world records, championship titles and his numerous entries in the Guinness Book of Records. He achieved a true masterpiece in 2011 with his series “7 Records in 7 Days“: within a week, Freddy set records one after the other in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. His talents include not only the unsecured extreme walking on the rope, but also his daredevil and spectacular show acts in the death wheel or in the motorcycle ball.

His talent was practically put into the cradle of Freddy Nock. In 1964 he was born into the Nock family of artists. At the age of four, he made the first attempts on a rope. At the age of eleven, he started the high wire run. The first thirty years were marked by traveling as a circus artist throughout the world. In 1998, the five-time family father left the circus behind him and established himself with his now 22 world records as a solo artist and extreme athlete.


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