Records and awards.

For his incredible achievements, Freddy Nock has been rewarded with several Guinness world record titles and other accolades.

World Records and Guinness World Records Title:

  • 2015

    12th Guinness World Record as the highest ever high-wire walk between 2 mountain peaks at 3582 m / asl, Distance: 347m, time: 39 minutes

  • 2013

    11th world record in the longest permanent sitting on a chair on high wire with 7 hours and 7 minutes

  • 2011

    10. World record as the highest high-speed cable ever run on the cable of the Corvatsch cable car (3303 meters above sea level) down to the valley

  • 2010

    9th world record as the longest rope run over Lake Zurich; Length: 900 meters, height: 30 meters

  • 2010

    8th world record as the first unsecured runner over 500 meters in Zhangjiajiee / China; Duration: 20 minutes

  • 2009

    7. World record for the highest rope run with balancing pole and a slope of 56% on the Zugspitze in Germany; Distance: 995 meters in 50 minutes

  • 2009

    6th world record as the fastest high wire runner in Korea; Distance: 1 kilometer, duration: 10 minutes and 18 seconds

  • 2006

    5. World record as the first runner to cover a distance of over 1200 meters on the “Säntis” suspension railway in Switzerland; Distance: 1222, 7 meters

  • 2006

    4th world record at the RTL Donation-Marathon with Joey Kelly for the longest run on a death wheel; Duration: 24 hours (Record in the Guinness Book of Records)

  • 2005

    3. World record in the “Mega Clever” program on Pro7 for driving six motorcycles in a steel ball with a diameter of 4.90 meters

  • 1999

    2nd world record as the fastest rope runner on the Schwangauer Tegelbergbahn in Füssen / Germany; Distance: 80 meters in 2 minutes and 27 seconds with 56% incline (record registered in the Guinness Book of Records)

  • 1998

    1st world record for running on a suspension rope on the Signalbahn in St. Moritz / Switzerland; Distance: 734 meters (record registered in the Guinness Book of Records)


  • 2013

    Prize for his life’s work “Artistika”

  • 2011

    Swiss Award in the category “Show”
  • 2004

    Golden Horse and Golden Star for his solo high wire at the Circus Festival in Böblingen

  • 1995

    Silver medal for the “7-man pyramid” at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo together with the troupe “White Angels”

  • 1989

    Bronze for solo high wire at the festival “Mondial du Cirque de Demain”

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